Late 2021 & 2022 Service & Repairs

Update October 8th 2021

Thank you to all our customers during 2021 – your business is really appreciated.
Looking forward for the rest of the year and 2022 we are accepting service and repair booking for existing registered customers. (Customers who have purchased a service and repair from 2019 onwards) 2021 spaces are now very limited and onsite (Mobile) bookings are not availaible during December 2021 & January 2022 to allow us to catch up on workshop repair bookings from 2021.

If you require a Motorhome or Caravan Service in 2022 please book as soon as possible via email many slots for 2022 are already booked but slots are available if needed for existing customers.

Workshop repairs for damp water ingress and upgrades are also available for Feb 2022 onwards, contact us via email if your not booked in from a supplied estimate for repair.

Take Care

Rob @ AMCS

Storing Your Caravan or Motorhome – Manufacturer Advice.

During these difficult times we are all storing our Caravans & Motorhomes a lot more than we would like.

Usually its just winter storage that requires additional effort however to keep your pride & joy in top condition attention is needed if stored for an extended period of time.

The advice below is given by the Swift Group to all owners but its great advice for all Caravans & Motor homes.


Arrange (in advance) the yearly service and habitation check, if the caravan’s next service is due while the vehicle is stored.

Book online with us at Select book now on our home page (April 2021 onwards bookings – to book before this date please call 07540 131130 for availablity)


Open all tank drain valves to drain onboard and external tanks, and leave open.

Open the safety drain valve (yellow handle) next to water heater or ALDE / Truma Combi Bolier, and leave open

Fully open all the taps and shower mixer, move mixer position to the middle, and leave all taps in the open position.

Unscrew the shower head and shower hose, shake out remaining water and allow water to drain. It is advised to leave the shower head and hose disconnected.

Run pump for a short time, until all water is expelled.

Disconnect the inlet pipe to the onboard water pump, mesh filter and outlet pipe, and re-runthe pump for a short time, to ensure all the water is removed. Leave the system disconnected during storage.

Fit the cowl cover to the Truma Ultrastore (If Fitted).

Clean waste pipes and tanks using a sterilising fluid.


If vehicle is being stored while connected to 230v Mains Hook-up:

Ensure that the leisure battery is connected and the 20A local fuse(s) is connected

The isolator switch on PSU (where fitted) should be in the ‘ON’ position, however. the control panel should be switched ‘OFF’.

If Alde system is installed, there is a frost protection setting, which can be used.

Vehicles can be left in this condition for extended periods, with the charger operating to maintain the battery. However, periodic maintenance and inspection is recommended, this should include the battery condition

If vehicle is being stored not connected to 230v Mains Hook-up

Charge the leisure battery for 24 hours prior to placing caravan in storage.

Ensure the isolation button on PSU (where fitted) is in the ‘OFF’ position.

Ensure leisure battery is connected and 20A local fuse(s) is in place only if an alarm or tracker device is fitted.

The alarm will eventually drain the leisure battery -we recommend regular (monthly) inspection / re-charging of leisure battery.

Remove the leisure battery and store in a dry place, if an alarm is not fitted.

The battery should not be adversely affected by winter temperatures but the level of charge should be maintained to maximise the life span of the battery. This can be achieved using an leisure automotive type (3 Stage or above) battery charger as and when required.

Gas system

Ensure the gas supply is isolated at the gas bottle, and ensure that the gas manifold taps are off.

Check the age and condition of the high pressure gas hose and regulator, and replace if required. (check with your service centre for additional advice)

Motorhome Inside Finish Clean 2


Check the battery expiry date on the smoke alarm and replace or remove as required.

Ensure the fridge is turned off.

Clean the inside of the fridge.

Prop the fridge door open, and if possible, the internal freezer compartment door for ventilation.

Fit fridge vent winter covers (if available).

Ensure all hob / oven / microwave surfaces are clean.

If the caravan is going to be left connected to 230v supply while not in use, ensure the microwave is unplugged.


Drain the toilet reservoir.

Empty the toilet cassette.

Leave toilet caps removed and apply acidfree Vaseline or similar to the seals.

Drain the toilet reservoir.

Empty the toilet cassette -The Thetford & Dometic Cassette is easily winterised for storage.

Empty the fresh water tank using the drain tube / fresh water tank level indicator.

Pull the lever indicator / drain tube down from top plug position and outward through door opening to drain water from the tank.

Exterior (Body / Chassis)

Ensure that all windows, skylights and access doors are closed and secured.

Ensure all fixed ventilation points (high and low) are clear from debris and obstructions.

Ensure the vehicle is not parked where falling debris (i.e. leaves, tree sap) could cause damage.

Avoid leaving the vehicle parked in soft ground, long grass or a potential area where standing water may form.

Lubricate relevant points on the chassis.

Remove road wheels, using the correct jacking points and suitable axle stands, or if being left on road wheels rotate wheels (every two weeks) and ensure the correct tyre pressures are maintained.

A purpose made cover maybe used, but please ensure the cover is a good fit, breathable and securely fitted.

Note: A poorly fitted cover can rub and damage the bodywork. Non-breathable covers will encourage mould to grow.Interior (Furniture / furnishings)

Open all lockers and internal doors, to ensure good circulation.

Remove cushions and store them in a dry location or ensure all cushions are placed in a well ventilated area.

Close all blinds and curtains – Customers are reminded to check the tension on blinds after storage if left closed for long periods.

Thoroughly ventilate the caravan or Motorhome by opening doors or windows periodically.

Placing water absorbent crystals in the van during the winter months, will help reduce moisture levels and mould growth.

We do not recommend leaving portable heaters in the van unattended.

For further information please contact us via our website

For further owner information from the Swift group including warranty information during Covid-19 visit

November 2020 – Servicing & Repair Update

It’s November already and we are all now facing new challenges as we head towards the end of the season.

Additional lock-down measures are coming in to force on Thursday.

All currently booked appointments for service and repairs will go ahead as planned, however if your unsure and wish to postpone an appointment please let us know 07540 131130 or

For the 2021 season if you are planning to book a Service or repair please let us know as soon as you can the 2021 diary is open for booking.

In 2021 we have capacity for returning customers and a small number of new customers can be accepted if booked early.

Book your 2021 annual service in 2020 and avoid any price increase.

Most importantly stay safe and well!

Thanks Rob @ AMCS

July 2020 – Servicing & Repair Update

June 23rd 2020

At AMCS we offer onsite servicing & repair of caravans and motorhomes, for the last 12 years we have built up a large number of returning customers for our services. Thank you very much!

The year 2020 has bought challenges for us all. I hope everyone is safe and well.

For the 2020 season we are now closed for bookings for new customers, returning customers are welcome to book via email or telephone 07540 131130. Online booking is not available for the 2020 season but available for 2021.

We recognise that many new customers are buying caravans & motorhomes for stay-cations in the UK this year and future years, however our priority must be our existing customers so we are unable to schedule new customer appointments this season.

Referrals for damp & accident repairs via our engineer partner network are unaffected at this time, and we welcome referrals from our service engineer partners.

We will be working hard to catch up with everyone postponed or delayed with extra hours and days allocated to repairs and servicing.

If you wish to discuss any issues please call 07540 131130 or email

Stay Safe



Coronavirus (COVID-19) – AMCS – Update

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Currently we are experiencing an unprecedented demand for service and repairs to caravans & motorhomes and are currently restricting bookings to existing customers only.

During July we will be completing service and repairs postponed from earlier in the year and hopefully getting customers off on a well deserved but delayed holiday.

At this time we cannot accept new, non existing, customer bookings for any service and repairs to caravans or motorhomes via our mobile service as the diary is full until October 2020 with spaces reserved for returning customers.

If you are not an existing customer please visit or for alternative providers in the area.

Workshop bookings for damp and accident repairs are not affected and we welcome workshop enquiries from our service partners and referrals from our engineer network contacts.

Enquiries can be made for future bookings via email to

Take Care & Stay Safe

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – AMCS – Online Booking Suspended

Friday 5th June 2020

Due to unprecedented demand, on-line booking for Caravan & Motorhome Service and Repairs is currently suspended for bookings in 2020.

For customers that already have a booking your booking will not be affected.

Existing customers who have previously booked with us are our current priority, if you are an existing customer and wish to book a Service please email with your contact details and home address.

We will be taking bookings for new customers from September 2020.

Workshop Damp repairs are unaffected at this time if you have a Damp issue please email

Future bookings for 2021 onwards are still available online.

Stay Safe & Take Care

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – AMCS – Caravan Servicing & Repairs Update – Booking Services & Repairs

Friday 15th May 2020

At AMCS we are committed to safety at this difficult time.

At this point in time we are open for Mobile Service & Repairs for existing customers where its is safe to do so, please get in touch to book or arrange services if we have visited you before.

New customers who wish to book service or repairs for later in the year please email

Our workshop is open by appointment only, preference will be given to postponed appointments – please get in touch to rebook as soon as it is safe for you to do so.

Keep checking back for updates at

Stay Safe – Thanks Rob

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – AMCS – Caravan Servicing & Repairs Update – Resuming Business

Monday 11th May 2020

At AMCS we are committed to safety at this difficult time.

From Monday 11th May we are resuming limited operations and will work within the government guidelines to perform Service & Repairs to existing registered customers only. Once we have caught up with our workload we will be taking new customer bookings, to register your interest for services later this year please email

We will be catching up on postponed appointments as soon as possible and will contact you in the near future to rearrange your booked visit.

The most important part of resuming service is to stay within the government guidelines so we are unable to perform any services at your address if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19, self-isolating or if an individual or individuals living in the premises are classed as vulnerable.

During any visit social distancing, 2 metres apart, must be adhered to at all times and further minimal contact is advised.

For any individual queries or to book a service or repair please don’t hesitate to email

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – AMCS – Caravan Servicing & Repairs Update

Thursday 26th March 2020.

From Tuesday 24th March 2020 we have temporarily closed our business for all service repairs & upgrades. Over the next few days we will be contacting all customers with a booking in the next 21 days to cancel your appointment.

This action is driven by Government advice to keep everyone safe and all staff are now staying at home for the duration which initially is 3 weeks with plans to reopen as soon as possible once advised and safe to do so.

If your worried about how this may effect your AMCS Ltd or Manufacturer warranty rest assured it wont. AMCS Ltd and other Manufacturers are extending all warranty servicing & check periods to cover this temporary outage.

Rest assured that we will be around for all your serving & repair needs once the virus has passed.

For any individual queries please don’t hesitate to email

Thank you & “Stay Safe” All.

All Makes Caravan Services Ltd
All Makes Caravan Services Ltd.