Coronavirus (COVID-19) – AMCS – Caravan Servicing & Repairs Update

Thursday 26th March 2020.

From Tuesday 24th March 2020 we have temporarily closed our business for all service repairs & upgrades. Over the next few days we will be contacting all customers with a booking in the next 21 days to cancel your appointment.

This action is driven by Government advice to keep everyone safe and all staff are now staying at home for the duration which initially is 3 weeks with plans to reopen as soon as possible once advised and safe to do so.

If your worried about how this may effect your AMCS Ltd or Manufacturer warranty rest assured it wont. AMCS Ltd and other Manufacturers are extending all warranty servicing & check periods to cover this temporary outage.

Rest assured that we will be around for all your serving & repair needs once the virus has passed.

For any individual queries please don’t hesitate to email

Thank you & “Stay Safe” All.

All Makes Caravan Services Ltd
All Makes Caravan Services Ltd.