Fleetwood Heritage 640 – Water Ingress Project

New into the workshop is a 2004 Fleetwood Heritage. A very high spec van including ALDE heating, Large fixed awning and satellite.

The twin axle caravan is suffering from water ingress from damaged awning rail seals, rooflight sealing and failed window seals.

Temporary repairs have been attempted in the past externally and internally.

Phase 1 of the project is complete with all rails removed, the front of the caravan is stripped, all boards removed.

Water ingress damage is confirmed in the walls, ceiling and floor.


Ingress in off Side Wall Front


Ingress in Near Side Front Wall



Dark staining of floor shows water damage


Removal of temporary repair covering shows ingress damage to ceiling area


Further evidence – indicated rooflight seal leaking front ceiling will be removed.


Ceiling board being removed to expose and test timers for replacement


Front ceiling removed and timbers ready for replacement, good and bad timber identified.


Near side wall and ceiling boards all removed, timbers tested, replacements in progress.


Front end stripped, ALDE boiler drained & removed. Floor being treated.

Phase 2 now commences, ceiling being replaced and walls retimbered and boarded.

Phase 2 pictures will be available here soon, keep checking www.allmakescaravans.co.uk/news for updates.