Project “Bailey Senator Oklahoma” Damp Water Ingress Including Floor

Latest large project in to the workshop. This Bailey Senator has water ingress issues in almost 50% of the whole Caravan. The offside & near side walls are severely damaged and the floor is also in a bad state.

Bailey Senator Badge

We have identified 5 areas that are letting in the water, 3 of these have been caused by a bad repair 3 years ago at another workshop,  when the wrong or faulty materials have been used.

Bailey Full Length Damp PictureAfter stripping back the Caravan you can see the whole off side is damaged including half of the floor top which has been removed.

Bailey Uncovering Damp Under Fixed Bed and Wall

Under the fixed bed water everywhere in floor & walls with 3mm of standing water.

Bailey Damp Floor Removed Walls Stripped Drying Before Final Strip & Clean

Damaged floor removed walls being stripped, time for drying and timber replacement in several areas. Whilst drying time to look at where the water is getting in.

Areas identified, Awning rails, Windows, Body Panel Seal & Bottom Rail Seals

Bailey Rail Being Removed Water Released Running Down Caravan

Removing the side awning rails, Water released and running down the side of the Caravan.

Bailey Rail Removed Side Seperating

When removing the awning rails the sealant used in previous repair has failed causing the side to swell and separate allowing free flow of water into the Caravan.

Bailey Side Seperating

Further damage to seal & side identified, all external rails removed & cleaned ready for replacement after inside timber replacement.

Project in progress for further update on progress please visit us back here at or contact us via the website.