Swift Caravans – Over Locker Lights Recall / Product Upgrade

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Do you have a Swift Caravan Produced Between 2012 and 2014 with over locker fluorescent lights like to ones above? If so you maybe entitled to a product upgrade from Swift due to failures. Not all caravans produced during this period are affected.

The following statement has been issued via letter to the original registered caravan owners.

Swift Group Statement.

“We have received a relatively small number of notifications that the 12v fluorescent over locker lights have failed. The failure can, in a small number of instances, result in the distortion and discolouring of the light unit housing and in extreme cases give off a slight burning smell. Our supplier has conducted independent testing of the light unit and has deemed the risk to be low.

As a responsible manufacturer we are currently writing to the owners of products which have fluorescent lights fitted to the over lockers, from 2012 product, to 2014 models built to inform them that a product upgrade to replace each fluorescent tube lights with LED strips.

The letter will direct affected customers to a single phone number, to register their requirement for the LED light packs to be sent direct to their home address.” – Swift Group 2014.

We have also undertaken a number of upgrades for customers with pre recall fluorescent lights who wish to upgrade to LED Technology for power saving or increased lighting output please contact us for options & prices including a free of charge assessment visit in our service area.

If you have suffered issues with these lights or have a qualifying Caravan or Motorhome please contact Swift for an upgrade or contact us for more information on our website at www.allmakescaravans.co.uk