Caravan Tyres – The Importance of Checking & Replacing

At a recent service on a 2005 Elddis Avante Caravan. Inspecting the tyres showed advanced cracking in the tyre treads, an accident waiting to happen. Quick checks on your tyres as follows can avoid costly damage and spoilt holidays.

Visually check the outside of tyres for cracks damage, fading to normal colour etc.

Check the date of manufacture. This is usually in the format of WWYY Week Week Year Year. In the example shown the tyres are 4404 Week 44 2004.

Tyres should be replaced every 5 year ideally and if over 7 years old pose a greater threat.

For more information see our websiteElddis Sign Tyre Date

Large Cracks In Tyres
Large Cracks In Tyres

If you think your tyres need replacing we can do it at a competitive price! book your “Free of Charge”assessment with Rob on 07540 131130 See More