Water Ingress Repairs (Damp) Swift Challenger 2011

After a recent service which discovered damp reading of 50%+ on this just 4 year old Swift Challenger 625 today we set about putting it right. The front windows, spoiler & rail were removed and resealed. The ingress was caught early so no rotting to the walls.

Swift Before Start (1)

Swift Before We Start

Swift Window & Spolier Removed

Spoiler & Windows Removed

Swift Rail Removed Ingress Black Present

Rail Removed – Black Marks Under Complete Seal Showing Water Ingress Path

Swift Cleaner Ready For Reseal

Front cleaned & Prepared Ready For Reseal

Rail Refixed Pleanty Of Sealant Showing

Caravan Rail Resealed Plenty of sealant present – Next Overtop Seal Applied

Cleaned & Windows Back In

Windows Back In top Seal Applied – Just Spoiler & Clan to Finish


All completed Just Need To Remove the Dust Sheets!

A 3 month retest (Included in Repair Price) should see the readings back to normal.

See www.allmakescaravans.co.uk and click on repairs for more information. http://www.allmakescaravans.co.uk/caravan-repair-derbyshire.php