Bailey Caravan Unicorn III (3) Roof Strap – Water Ingress

Bailey Unicorn III (3) & Unicorn IV (4) Roof Strap Failure – 2015 Unicorn III Vigo.

Bailey Unicorn III (3)

Next into our workshop is the very well appointed Bailey Unicorn III Vigo with Water ingress readings in the rear floor up to 70%.

Further investigation, including removal of the internal strap covering, revealed water ingress to the rear roof joining strap.

Removal of the internal top cupboards (to gain access to brackets) then removal of the securing brackets revealed water seeping through the original seal.

Roof Strap Removal In Progress

The darker colour on the seal at the middle shows the water path.

Bailey produce a repair / upgrade kit for this issue, sealants have been changed and all cleaners & primers are supplied along with a new roof strap, brackets and additional washers to correct the issue and future proof the sealing of this joint.

Cleaning & preparation is key to the repair the roof must be cleaned, prepared and primed prior to application of the new roof strap and sealant.

Roof Clean, Prep & Primer In Progress

Once prepared the new alternative sealant configuration is applied and the roof strap is re-secured to the caravan with new brackets, end caps and internal cover.

Job complete 48 hours for the sealant to cure the Caravan is seal tested with water outside of 30 minutes to check for visible leaks – non recorded.

The Caravan floor will be retested 3 months after repair to ensure floor readings have returned to normal.

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