Buying a Used Bailey AluTech Caravan or Motor Home

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Recently I have had a number of customers with a nearly new bailey caravan bought 1 or 2 years old contact me to service the caravan. On checking the Warranty Terms and conditions from Bailey please understand that the 10 year water ingress warranty only applies to the 1st owner only and in certain circumstances is only 10 years on correct registration.

2nd owners still benefit from 6 years water ingress protection as long as owner transfer is performed as per the terms and conditions as follows.

Extract from Bailey as follows:-

“The unexpired term of the Warranty Cover on your vehicle may only be assigned, transferred or novated to subsequent owners with Bailey’s consent (not to be unreasonably withheld) and on payment to Bailey of a transfer fee of £35. Transfer can only be made within the first three (3) months of subsequent ownership and full documentary evidence that the vehicle has been serviced annually must be provided at the time of assignment in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed in our full warranty Terms & Conditions.

Of course your supplying dealer should reregister your caravan for you but please check and be aware if you buy privately.

For Bailey Caravans Warranty Statement download here

Bailey Alutech Warranty 2015