Caravan Gas Systems – Ready For Winter?

Over the last two weeks we have been called out to many problems with gas appliances on caravans & motorhomes as owners prepare for the cold winter months.

Gas appliances on your leisure vehicle are perfectly safe to use and are often more efficient and more powerful than the electrical systems that are also fitted.

To ensure they are ready for winter and safe – “Get Them Checked”. Failure to do so can cause issues to your leisure vehicle and yourself & endanger others.

Yesterdays visit shows exactly what an unchecked appliance can do, simply by just trying to light it.

The following photos show damage after a fire underneath a space heater (Gas Fire) in a caravan.


The underside of this Caravan fire has developed a leak and set fire to the bottom of the caravan.


The gas valve has corroded and gas escaped under the floor, causing the explosion & fire, the white colour on the floor is dry powder from the fire extinguisher.


Don’t let this happen to you, get you gas check by us if your in our area via or via