Is the ALDE Heating System In Your Caravan ready for Winter?


With the colder months approaching its important that your ALDE heating is system is protected correctly to avoid failure just when you need it now its cold at night, or when you first need it next year.

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The ALDE heating system relies on the Glycol (Anti Freeze) to be correct to function correctly, and just like the coolant & antifreeze in your car if its not change periodically serious problems can occur. check out the following quick Q & A to check if your heating is okay

Q, How often should the Coolant Be Changed?

A, Generally speaking if the antifreeze colour in the expansion tank is blue this should be changed every two years, Pink or Purple every 5 years but this is just a rough guide. The time related to how long the corrosion protection works for, after this the internal system will start to corrode.

Q, How do I know if my service provider has changed the coolant at the correct time intervals?

A, This is not a standard service routine, your service provider would have advised you before, during or after the service (or maybe not if they are not aware) that it is required and an extra charge would have been made (Around £150 dependant on the size of your caravan).

Q, I have a new caravan when should the coolant be changed?

A, UK caravan manufacturers currently fit 2 year coolant to the system so if you bought your caravan in 2013 or before a change is due or over due if not done.

Q, Will I have to do this every 2 years it seems expensive?

A, That depends on your service provider and the refreshed antifreeze, We replace the coolant with 5 year corrosion protection so once done no need to worry for 5 years.

Q, What happens if I don’t have the fluid replaced?

A, The system will start to corrode from within, Pipes may split of break down, pump performance will be effected and in extreme circumstances  a boiler tank or heating element failure will occur and a new complete boiler will be required which is very expensive.


Flooded Bathroom From Corroded Heating Pipe


Pipe lifted corrosion present making several pin holes in the pipe

Q, How do I arrange for my system to be checked

A, AMCS Can check you system if your in our service area, contact us through the website for more details we can help identify the service needed.

Q, We are not in your service areas what can we do

A, Visit to find your nearest service centre or Mobile Engineer.

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