Avondale Eagle Progress After Drying Period


We started the rebuild today. New Wall Board in Bedroom & 3/4’s of the ceiling done.

See The Pics

New Wood Grain Board Inplace

Bedroom Wall Wood-grain in place.

Bedroom Wall Board In Place

New Wall Board In Bedroom In Place Starting to take shape.

New Edging Trim Installed

All New Wallboard complete with edging trim to finish joins of nicely.

1st Piece of Bedroon Ceiling

1st Piece of bedroom ceiling now in place, insulation reinstalled all with edging trim.

More Of Ceiling In2nd Piece of ceiling board now in along with the 3rd. End of the day so all propped up and drying.

To keep following the rebuild please keep visiting www.allmakescaravans.co.uk




Water Ingress Repairs (Damp) Swift Challenger 2011

After a recent service which discovered damp reading of 50%+ on this just 4 year old Swift Challenger 625 today we set about putting it right. The front windows, spoiler & rail were removed and resealed. The ingress was caught early so no rotting to the walls.

Swift Before Start (1)

Swift Before We Start

Swift Window & Spolier Removed

Spoiler & Windows Removed

Swift Rail Removed Ingress Black Present

Rail Removed – Black Marks Under Complete Seal Showing Water Ingress Path

Swift Cleaner Ready For Reseal

Front cleaned & Prepared Ready For Reseal

Rail Refixed Pleanty Of Sealant Showing

Caravan Rail Resealed Plenty of sealant present – Next Overtop Seal Applied

Cleaned & Windows Back In

Windows Back In top Seal Applied – Just Spoiler & Clan to Finish


All completed Just Need To Remove the Dust Sheets!

A 3 month retest (Included in Repair Price) should see the readings back to normal.

See www.allmakescaravans.co.uk and click on repairs for more information. http://www.allmakescaravans.co.uk/caravan-repair-derbyshire.php


Why Have A Service – An Insurer View



Why have a service on your caravan or motorhome? We all know that we have to have an MOT on our Car for the insurance to be valid, its clear cut in the policy document but is it the same for Touring Caravans?

I have done a little research and looked at Terms & Conditions documents from 4 major insurers and it appears it is. All insurers require you to “Maintain your Caravan in a Safe & Roadworthy Condition” Question is how do you prove you have?

Many posts on Caravan Forums have said “When I Made a Claim for an Accident the 1st thing they asked for was Service History” So without service paperwork can you prove it in the event of an accident or claim?

My advice – Have an annual Service on your caravan from an approved workshop then the insurer should be satisfied straight away.

What follows is the policy document extracts from the 4 major Caravan insurers, The Caravan Club, The Caravan & Camping Club, AA Insurance & E&L Insurance.

One additional exclusion on E&L is interesting check your storage is compliant.

———————————————————————————————— Caravan Club Insurance – Terms & Conditions General Conditions

Page 14

Care of the Caravan

  1. You must take all responsible steps to safeguard Your Caravan, Equipment, and Contents against loss or damage, maintain it in a sound and roadworthy condition, and take note of the terms of the Warranty on page 8 of this booklet.

———————————————————————————————– Caravan & Camping Club – Club Care Insurance Caravan & Trailer Tent Policy Booklet

The Cover (Continued)

Maintenance You must ensure that Your Unit is maintained in a sound and roadworthy condition as Insurers have offered this insurance on that basis. If Your Unit is not in a sound and roadworthy condition and You suffer a loss as a direct result, Your claim could be rejected.

———————————————————————————————— AA Caravan Insurance

Terms & Conditions For Select Policy

Page 13

3 Care of Property

The property insured must be maintained in sound condition and all reasonable precautions taken to prevent and minimise any claims.

———————————————————————————————— E&L Insurance Policy Wording Document – Full Terms & Conditions

Section 5 – General Conditions

Page 2

  1. You must take all reasonable steps to prevent loss, damage or accidents and maintain any property covered under the policy in a sound and roadworthy condition.

E&L also exclude as follows

General Exclusions Page 3

17. Any claim where the caravan is stored on a working farm.

To book your annual service with us you can book online, by phone 07540 131130 or email rob@allmakescaravans.co.uk www.allmakescaravans.co.uk

Not In Our Area Go To www.approvedworkshops.co.uk

Snowing in Derbyshire

Just thought I would share some photos of the Beautiful Peak District.

Taken whilst out at Parwich Derbyshire fixing a Malaga water heater today.

See our repairs page http://www.allmakescaravans.co.uk/caravan-repair-derbyshire.phpIMAG0042 IMAG0039 IMAG0038 IMAG0037 IMAG0036 IMAG0033 IMAG0030IMAG0035

Dangerous Fridge !


Full Service on a 2007 Stirling Europa Moonstone Today.

The Caravan was excellent no Damp all running as it should until the fridge.

The Gas burner was heavily corroded giving out CO reading 3500ppm+. Black soot on the flue and caravan interior from impure carbon particles resulting from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons.

Burner Quickly changed during the service and all Safe Again.

If you have a Thetford Fridge pre 2010 and would like a free safety check & quotation if needed please call or book on line.

www.allmakescaravans.co.uk www.facebook.com/AMCSLTD


I’m Always Asked “Do You Caravan?”

I’m Always Asked “Do You Caravan?”

Seems an odd question to ask a “Caravan Engineer”? but you will be surprised how many people in the Caravan Industry don’t!

My answer is yes. We have an “Almost” Classic in our ABI Award Daystar from 1994


We love her and she has given us many great holidays including this year in the Lake District on Lake Ullswater Nr Pooley Bridge with this Fabulous view of the lake from our home for 10 days.


We wouldn’t be without our Caravan Would You?