Derby Caravan Centre Closure – We Can Help

If you’re a previous customer of Derby Caravan Centre you maybe already be aware the business closed at the end of the 2016 season details can be found here

AMCS are located just 4.2 miles away from Derby Caravan Centre but actually we are even closer than that providing National Caravan Council Approved Mobile Workshop Scheme Servicing for your Caravan.

We come to you at home, storage or site. Maintaining your Warranty on your Lunar, Swift or Elddis Caravan Supplied by Derby Caravan Centre.

Additionally if you have any warranty repair issues with your Lunar Caravan including water ingress we can repair for you after approval from Lunar Caravans 

We can also advise on alternative options for warranty repairs on your Swift or Elddis Caravan with other local providers.

To book your caravan service in 2017 please visit

Or call on 07540 131130 or email


2017 Caravan & Motorhome Servicing Booking Made Easy

If you planning on booking you caravan annual service during 2017 we have made it even easier to book without the need to leave your armchair.

You can book your preferred date and time through our online booking system accessible from this website or through Facebook. If you book online you will also receive reminders nearer the time via email or txt to mobile.

Once  you logon to the service you will be able to see all of our prices and services offered along with a up-to date calendar with available times and dates. Should you change your mind or something crops up you can logon at anytime and change or cancel any appointments made.

To book via the website use the following link and click the book now Icon top right of the page

To book via Facebook use the following link and click the book now button middle right on the page.

You can also book via phone on 07540 131130 or email

For more information on our services please visit or

ALDE Heating System – Do You Struggle With The Control Panel

If you have an ALDE heating system and the controller looks like below, do you struggle to use it?


If so please view the following video from ALDE on youtube – Hopefully it will help

If you require and help or service on you ALDE heating system including periodic fluid change please visit us at

Motorhome Fridge Replacement – Dometic to Thetford In Autotrail Delamere 2010 Motorhome

Last week we replaced a Dometic RM8550 Fridge Freezer with a new Thetford N3175 unit in a 2010 Autotrail Delamere Motorhome. The customer was delighted with the results along with a repair to the fitted Theford oven that would not stay alight after releasing the gas knob.

untitled (23)

Both Fridge Freezers have similar dimensions so the new unit occupied the existing furniture perfectly. The new Fridge Freezer was fitted gas & Carbon Monoxide tested along with 3 way supply testing & auto-switching capabilities confirmed.

untitled (21)

Dometic RM8555 Fridge Freezer Removed

untitled (22)

Thetford N3175 Fridge Freezer Fitted

A thank you email from a customer is a great thing

Hi Rob,

The fridge is working great, I can leave it on auto and not worry about it or put it on to gas and give maximum charging to my leisure batteries while driving if they’ve got a bit low. I’ve even made ice cubes! The old fridge never worked this well even when I first bought the van.

I had a bit of a problem with the oven but found that it was my fault, If I close the door too quickly it blows the oven out! So as long as I’m a bit careful with that it’s fine.

It’s like having a new van now that everything is working as it should.

If any of your other customers are thinking of changing over to the Thetford fridge, so far I can only recommend it, it cools much better and doesn’t seem to be using any more gas probably due to running it on No.2 rather than No.4 or 5 which was needed with the old one.

Thanks very much


If you are considering replacing or upgrading any appliances contact us at




Fleetwood Heritage 640 – Water Ingress Project

New into the workshop is a 2004 Fleetwood Heritage. A very high spec van including ALDE heating, Large fixed awning and satellite.

The twin axle caravan is suffering from water ingress from damaged awning rail seals, rooflight sealing and failed window seals.

Temporary repairs have been attempted in the past externally and internally.

Phase 1 of the project is complete with all rails removed, the front of the caravan is stripped, all boards removed.

Water ingress damage is confirmed in the walls, ceiling and floor.


Ingress in off Side Wall Front


Ingress in Near Side Front Wall



Dark staining of floor shows water damage


Removal of temporary repair covering shows ingress damage to ceiling area


Further evidence – indicated rooflight seal leaking front ceiling will be removed.


Ceiling board being removed to expose and test timers for replacement


Front ceiling removed and timbers ready for replacement, good and bad timber identified.


Near side wall and ceiling boards all removed, timbers tested, replacements in progress.


Front end stripped, ALDE boiler drained & removed. Floor being treated.

Phase 2 now commences, ceiling being replaced and walls retimbered and boarded.

Phase 2 pictures will be available here soon, keep checking for updates.












Project “Bailey Senator Oklahoma” – Project Complete

Bailey Damp Floor Removed Walls Stripped Drying Before Final Strip & Clean


In our previous post “Project “Bailey Senator Oklahoma” Damp Water Ingress Including Floor” The caravan had been stripped back to remove all damaged Walls, Floors and Structural timbers requiring replacement.

The project is now complete and returned to her happy owner.



Floor re-timbered and covered Wallboard & Timber in Bedroom & Kitchen replaced.



Bedroom Being Rebuilt Window reinstalled, Blinds Curtains all back together.


Kitchen rebuilt & re-trimmed, Water & Gas tested


Front Seating Area all back together.


Caravan fully rebuilt & safe, Returned to customer and off for new carpet & full valet.

For more information on our services including Damp Water Ingress repairs please visit









Damp Repair Abbey Expression 640 2009

We have just completed this damp repair to a 2008 Abbey Expression (Swift Group – Vogue) Twin Axle Caravan. Water ingress detected during the annual service exposed damage to the rear wall in the large end bathroom. Water was entering the caravan from the rear rail and both rear side awning rails.

The repair included removal & reseal of the affected rails, removal and replacement of timber and damaged wall board in the bathroom.

Project complete and bathroom looks fabulous again.

See the following photos of the work being performed and completed


Rear of Caravan all looks normal until closer inspection cross rail and awning rails letting in water, a very details damp test performed to make sure all areas are identified and none missed.


Awning rails removed and cleaned ready for replacement, cross rail removed cleaned and replaced.


Inside the Bathroom the furniture & toilet have been removed and wall board stripped revealing damp damaged timber which is removed & replaced.



All damaged timber & wallboard replaced ready for replacement of furniture & shower rebuild.


Bathroom rebuild in progress, before final fix all damp meter reading are rechecked and okay.



Bathroom rebuilt & ready for collection.

If you suspect you may have a damp problem with your caravan or motorhome please get in touch for an evaluation.

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Project “Bailey Senator Oklahoma” Damp Water Ingress Including Floor

Latest large project in to the workshop. This Bailey Senator has water ingress issues in almost 50% of the whole Caravan. The offside & near side walls are severely damaged and the floor is also in a bad state.

Bailey Senator Badge

We have identified 5 areas that are letting in the water, 3 of these have been caused by a bad repair 3 years ago at another workshop,  when the wrong or faulty materials have been used.

Bailey Full Length Damp PictureAfter stripping back the Caravan you can see the whole off side is damaged including half of the floor top which has been removed.

Bailey Uncovering Damp Under Fixed Bed and Wall

Under the fixed bed water everywhere in floor & walls with 3mm of standing water.

Bailey Damp Floor Removed Walls Stripped Drying Before Final Strip & Clean

Damaged floor removed walls being stripped, time for drying and timber replacement in several areas. Whilst drying time to look at where the water is getting in.

Areas identified, Awning rails, Windows, Body Panel Seal & Bottom Rail Seals

Bailey Rail Being Removed Water Released Running Down Caravan

Removing the side awning rails, Water released and running down the side of the Caravan.

Bailey Rail Removed Side Seperating

When removing the awning rails the sealant used in previous repair has failed causing the side to swell and separate allowing free flow of water into the Caravan.

Bailey Side Seperating

Further damage to seal & side identified, all external rails removed & cleaned ready for replacement after inside timber replacement.

Project in progress for further update on progress please visit us back here at or contact us via the website.























New to You Caravan? How Safe Is it?

Having spent a lot of money on a new to you caravan, you need to ensure its safe. A visit today to a 2013 Elddis Caravan shows that all is not what it seems…

Supplied from a main dealer in August 2015 this caravan was reported with issues from the heating system tripping the electrics on site and in the caravan.

On closer inspection the main electrical control box had been previously repair badly and was at risk of fire.

See the following pictures to see how close to a fire this caravan was at only 2 1/2 years old.


The main Control box has been repaired previously a 16A MBC Breaker has been replaced for the incorrect spec 10A breaker. (Marked C-PAK). The Breaker has a total of 14.5A of appliances attached.


The underneath of the breaker shows burning from overload of the circuit also burning the PCB board below, High risk of fire.


For an independent check on your caravan or motorhome please give us a call or contact us through the website at



Caravan Gas Systems – Ready For Winter?

Over the last two weeks we have been called out to many problems with gas appliances on caravans & motorhomes as owners prepare for the cold winter months.

Gas appliances on your leisure vehicle are perfectly safe to use and are often more efficient and more powerful than the electrical systems that are also fitted.

To ensure they are ready for winter and safe – “Get Them Checked”. Failure to do so can cause issues to your leisure vehicle and yourself & endanger others.

Yesterdays visit shows exactly what an unchecked appliance can do, simply by just trying to light it.

The following photos show damage after a fire underneath a space heater (Gas Fire) in a caravan.


The underside of this Caravan fire has developed a leak and set fire to the bottom of the caravan.


The gas valve has corroded and gas escaped under the floor, causing the explosion & fire, the white colour on the floor is dry powder from the fire extinguisher.


Don’t let this happen to you, get you gas check by us if your in our area via or via