AMCS Ltd – 2015 Investing In Improving Service & Support Of Your Caravan


During 2015 we have invested in improving our service to you.

Its always important to know that when someone is looking after your pride and joy that they are investing in important areas to improve service year on year.

In 2015 we have invested in key areas :-

  • Training
  • New Service Vehicle
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Stock Holding – Mobile & Workshop


This year we have undertaken new and refresher training with Manufactures such as AL-KO, BPW (Caravan Chassis Brakes Etc), ALDE (Heating Systems) & advanced Gas Competence (Gas Analysing).

Planned & Booked Training for the remainder of the year includes Truma ( Core Products Heating, Movers, Air-conditioning & more) & Whale (Heating & Water Systems).

Making Sure we keep up with the latest products installed in Caravans & Motorhomes.

New Service Vehicle

A Larger Fiat Scudo Van has replace the trusty Vauxhall Combo allowing better equipment to be used and larger running spares stock to be carried improving out 1st visit fix rate dramatically.


Keep a look out for the new van as we travel around the Midlands!

Tools & Equipment

Keeping up with equipment is always difficult and investment on a yearly basis to ensure all key tools are calibrated and in working order is very expensive. This year a number of new items have been purchased and key tools upgraded.

  • Advanced Gas Analyser & Fault Finding Tools.
  • Improved Tow Tester to ensure towing tests are accurate & quick.
  • Refractometer upgrades to ensure better testing of batteries & antifreeze in heating systems.
  • Ultrasonic Technology to improve diagnosis of water ingress issues

Stock Holding – Mobile & Workshop

Stock holding has been increased on all key parts needed from water pumps to heating elements, gas burners etc, additionally a number of complete swap out appliances and loan equipment appliance units have been purchased to improve 1st visit fix times or provide loan solution whilst your units are repaired.

Our National Caravan Council Annual Assessment has also been completed without issue and a commendation in or focus area of customer care!

Hopefully you will see we are improving our service all the time year on year

We will keep improving and posting updates here at

Avondale 390-2 Damp Repair A Very Special Lady For A Very Special Lady!

Avondale Argente 390 Front

Today we started an extensive damp repair project for a very special lady.

Mrs T is 92 years old and still enjoying Caravanning with her family. Proving your never to old to get out in your favourite place your caravan!

Avondale Argente 390 Side

Unfortunately at the moment her 2006 Avondale Argente 390-2 has water ingress problems in several areas, no problem in a few days she will be as good as new.

Front End extensive damage stripping in progress Dark Timber Indicated Structural Damage Is Occurring.

Avondale Argente Front Damage 1

Avondale Argente 390 Front Damage 2

The front side also has damage from this leak caused by the top window rail this will also be repaired.

Additionally the Bathroom wall is damage extensively from a leaking window seal.

Avondale Argente 390 Bathroom

Pimples on the wall always indicate water ingress so any signs like this get them checked ASAP.

As the repair unfolds we will post more pictures at

If you suspect you have a water ingress problem, don’t wait contact us ASAP.




Bailey Pageant Vendee – Water Ingress Damp Repair

In the workshop at the moment a 2005 Bailey Pageant Vendee. Water ingress has caused internal damage to timbers & wall boarding. Full repair & restoration is in progress, keep checking back for further progress,

2005 Bailey Pageant Vendee Front Windows & Rail Removed
2005 Bailey Pageant Vendee Front Windows & Rail Removed


Interior Wall Board Removed Ready for Timber replacement
Interior Wall Board Removed Ready for Timber replacement


Bailey Pagent Vendee Water Ingress Point Confirmed

Front Timbers Dry & Confirmed Okay - Just New Rubbers Required
Front Timbers Dry & Confirmed Okay – Just New Rubbers Required
Side Window Stripped & Removed
Side Window Stripped & Removed


Keep checking back at for further updates.

Need a Satellite System – Fully Automatic – SR Mechatronics – Nice Bit Of Kit Contact Us


We fitted today a very good fully automatic Satellite System from SR Mechatronics.

We have been very impressed with these units, build quality, speed, very low noise, Simple to use and a good value for money price.

Fitted today a ASR 680 Flat System with LED control panel. A very good mix of reliability and simplicity of use. Fully fitted with 3 years guarantee for £1499.

With a Pan European support network if your home of away you will never be far from a service centre who can help if you ever have a problem.

Todays Install on a 2012 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz.

Satellite Ready to Install on Bailey Unicorn Cadiz 2012
Satellite Ready to Install on Bailey Unicorn Cadiz 2012
SR Mechatronic ASR 680 Flat Auto
SR Mechatronic ASR 680 Flat Auto

The 680 Flat with LED control Panel is perfect for all UK travel and reception in Northern France on Astra 2, further a field other satellites are available.

22mm Hole Carefully Drilled In Roof
22mm Hole Carefully Drilled In Roof

Cables inserted through new hole in roof carefully positioned & drilled.

Satellite Raised Ready for Dish
Satellite Raised Ready for Dish

Satellite Positioned on Roof ready for dish, protective coverings used to avoid roof scratches.

Dish Installed Testing Before Mounting on roof
Dish Installed Testing Before Mounting on roof

Located Astra 2 & Astra 1 all functioning okay now to fix to roof.

Dish & Cover Mounted & Sealed
Dish & Cover Mounted & Sealed

System mounted & sealed, minimum distance achieved between dish & entry point to avoid future problems

Simple Control Panel Installed Its Easy To Use
Simple Control Panel Installed Its Easy To Use

Control panel installed by door, Nice & Simple to use just up & down. All Fixed On Astra 2 (28). sky TV being received.

For the full range of automatic satellite systems for your caravan or motorhome from £1499 fully fitted please visit and contact use with your requirements.


Worth a Visit – Website from A Valued Customer

Lunar Roadstar A Fab Motor Home !
Lunar Roadstar A Fab Motor Home !


Its always good to see when my customers are out and about in their Caravans or Motorhomes! Safe and sound.

Please visit to see Ken Bainbridge out and about in his Lunar Roadstar Motorhome. It also includes some  trips abroad with and without the Roadstar.

Ken keeps his Motor Home in to condition and she’s a credit to him.

Remember Your Annual habitation Services ensure you are safe and sound whilst out on your travels.

~Book  yours now at and don’t forget to visit



Away This Easter ? – Check Your Nuts !

For many of us Easter is the 1st trip out of the year so make sure that your wheels stay on the caravan by making sure the wheels bolts are tight to the correct torque setting laid out in your instruction booklet. Its a quick and simple check that should be done before every trip, why not do it at the same time as checking you lights?

Question. I haven’t got a torque wrench so what do I do.

Answer. Buy one.

Torque Wrenches don’t cost the earth for the occasional user I recommend the following from Machine Mart. at £23.98 its a worthwhile investment.

On this mornings service I was pleased when Mr A produced one he had bought after I recommended it last year.

Mr A Has a beautiful 2013 Bailey Pegasus GT65

Bailey Pegasus GT65 2013
Bailey Pegasus GT65 2013

After I completed the brake service and refitted the wheels to the correct torque (130nm) on this model Mr A double checked them with his new purchase.

Mr A Checking His Nuts!
Mr A Checking His Nuts!

Don’t forget your tyre pressures too, these are also in the handbook or on newer caravans on the data plate by the door with your weights etc.

Caravan Data Plate. Showing Correct Tyre Pressures and Loading Weights.
Caravan Data Plate. Showing Correct Tyre Pressures and Loading Weights.

For more information on our Caravan Services please visit


Have You Checked Underneath? We Do! On Your Service

Last weekend we serviced a 2010 Caravan, all looked in very good order a credit to its owner! Serviced annually.

After completing the habitation service the chassis service highlighted loose floor bolts on both sides of the caravan.

Loose NS Chassis Floor Bolt

After tightening and rechecking all is well.

Bolts tightened & checked all okay
Bolts tightened & checked all okay

Remember all chassis bolts & fixings should be checked annually and this is just 1 of over 150 things that are checked as part of your annual service to prevent problems on you holidays or later on with floor delamination or chassis integrity.

For more information please visit our main website at

AMCS – Professional Memberships


When picking someone to Service or Repair you caravan or motorhome its important that you know that quality of service is provided as well as value for money.

AMCS is a member of 3 very important trade bodies that ensure that service quality is maintained at all times. Please see the following links to the websites for important information

National Caravan Council Approved Mobile Workshop.

NCC AWS - Quality Assured
NCC AWS – Quality Assured

MCEA – Mobile Caravan Engineers Association

MCEA - Member QS
MCEA – Member QS


UK Caravan Engineers Association


UK Caravan Engineers Association
UK Caravan Engineers Association


For Further information please see all our services at

Getting Ready For Easter – Quick Check Of Your Pump Strainer

Getting ready for Easter? If you have an on-board pump on your Caravan or Motorhome make sure you check the strainer, these are prone to frost damage and can cause annoying water problems.

Problems include no water intake, spluttering taps, poor water flow and of course water all over the floor!

Shurflo Pump - Fitted in Many Caravans & Motorhomes
Shurflo Pump – Fitted in Many Caravans & Motorhomes

If you have a pump the strainer is fitted to the intake of the pump and looks like this

Pump Strainer Shurflo Pumps
Pump Strainer Shurflo Pumps

These are usually fitted with the clear plastic cap upside down, water rests in the and expands with frost and cracks the casing. Make sure you check for cracks before you travel.

In severe circumstance the strainer can split like this and flood your caravan.

Split Shurflo Pump Strainer from 10th March 2015
Split Shurflo Pump Strainer from 10th March 2015

Even Though we have had a “Mild” winter frost has still been and gone. We have replaced 14 of these so far this year.

These strainers can be replaced for less than £10 so check & replace if necessary before you go and you can buy them from many caravan accessory shops and the take 2 minutes to fit.

Remember we are always here to help with any problems on your caravan or motorhome at or see us on Facebook at








Thinking of Having a Solar Panel Installed?

If you thinking of having a solar panel installed on your Caravan or Motorhome we have limited stocks of our 120W Solar Kits available fully installed in the east midlands at just £349.99 with 5 year Warranty as standard.

Once fitted our solar kit offers outstanding performance and great value for money. With this 120 Watt solar power kit you could expect to generate around 34 amps per day during the summer months supplementing the 12V leisure battery power in your caravan or motorhome.


Solar Panel Specifications

  • Maximum Power (Pmax): 120W
  • Maximum Power Current (Ipm): 6.8A
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm): 17.6V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 7.08A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.7V
  • Norminal Operating Cell Temp. (NOCT): -45 to 80°C
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V
  • Maximum Series Fuse: 9A
  • Size: 1179mm x 664mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 9.2kg

Kit Features

  • 1 x 120W 12V Solar Panels Monocrystalline
  • 1 x Dual Battery Controller 10A – 12V
  • 1 x 6m Extension Cable & Connectors
  • 1 x Set 6 Corner & Side Mounts- White or Black
  • 1 x ABS Cable Entry Cover

Solar Performance Guarantee

  • 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty
  • 10 Years Warranty 90% Power Output
  • 20 Years Warranty 80% Power Output

We have limited stocks at this price please call for availability or contact us through our website at